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Therapeutic Farm Program:

Using horses, chickens, goats, and our farm property our team has implemented a program that is tailor made for your child or adolescent using their IEP and teacher input. Program choices include: small animal care, gardening, hydroponics, 4H projects, CHA (Certified Horsemanship Program), equine vaulting, art therapy, AAT and EFP. Weekly programs help with emotional or learning issues, in addition to teaching vital life skills. Programs are affordable and range from a couple of hours per week to full day.

​Many children have problems with psycho-social development. This program addresses this need in a fun environment. Within a small safe group, children learn how to interact with their peers, adults and animals alike. "Therapy" does not seem like therapy. Children are guided through and encouraged to develop the Six Core Strengths that build resiliency: attachment, self-regulation, affiliation, attunement, tolerance, and respect. Most children are attached to their parents, but have issues with a number of the other core strengths. Upon entering the program parent(s) will complete an in-take questionnaire that includes determining what particular areas of the six core strengths needs work. An Anxiety Questionnaire and a Personality Test will also be completed. This provides the staff with template of what needs to be worked on. The final piece to be added to develop an individualized program is the IEP and any PsychEd testing that has been done. If your child is still waiting to have a PsychEd completed, we can do the testing for you.

​The September program runs during school hours which makes it easier for parents and children. The summer program runs all summer. Children come once a week; this helps with consistency.

​Please call or email to find out more information. Applications are being accepted for both our summer and September programs. Spots are filling up quickly. We are usually full within 4-6 weeks before the program starts.


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