Soul Harmony Counselling

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Parenting skills and advice for all children


improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

Soul Harmony Horse Camp

Run every summer and spring break.

​​what is included IN this awesome camp?

Equine Facilitated Mental Health focused activities, Horse knowledge, Riding our wonderful Curly Horses, possible trail riding for older confident riders, Nature Walks, Crafts and lots of fun and laughing. 

​What is soul harmony HORSE camp?

Our camps are designed to help children discover how much self-regulation and self-control they really do have. They are encouraged to work through their feelings and use powerful words. This allows them to re-direct their path. Most of us learn best with a hands-on approach; this is even more of a reality for children.  Living the techniques and experiencing the change is the camp’s goal. The tools work! The staff is uplifting and skilled! The laughter is contagious.  The memories are priceless. Join us and change your life.

Please email for more information: CurlyHorseMarie@gmail.com