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Developmental Vaulting


Equestrian vaulting is an Olympic sport that involves doing gymnastics and dance on the back of a horse. Within Western riding, there is also Trick Riding. Developmental Vaulting takes elements from equestrian vaulting and some trick riding developing a new division that targets children who are having social and/or emotional difficulties. It takes into account the neuro-biology of the brain when riding and doing the movements. Confidence is built while new connections are being made in the brain. 

We use both an Australian saddle and a surcingle. Some of our special needs and beginner riders feel more secure starting in a saddle. We then progress to a surcingle and no side walkers. We find that students that have little confidence love to progress through the steps to independence. 

Our amazing Curly Horses are the stars in our program. They are hypo-allergenic, so children with allergies can still take part. They are also incredibly intuitive, calm, and have puppy dog temperaments. 

We want our trauma children to know:

Nothing you have done in the past can change your great worth and value today.