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Counselling and Training


Counselling is done by Marie Sherwood, MSc. who has over twenty years experience with challenging children. She is affectionately known as "Miss Marie" by the children she helps. She provides strong practical parenting support and solutions to the current struggles families go through raising challenging children. 

Some children are challenging due to a trauma they have suffered in their young lives. Miss Marie works with biological, foster and adopted children. No matter what the background Miss Marie believes that all children can heal. She has worked with hundreds of children and usually gets referrals for children that no one else wants to work with. 

Marie is available for in-office, equine facilitated psychotherapy, Skype and telephone sessions. Her specialty is parent training and support. Parents are so often misunderstood and condemned for their child's behavior, when they are trying everything they can to help their child heal. 


Soul Harmony Counselling

Overview of Our Services



1.    ADD Testing: Many of our children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but there are seven different types. Depending on what area of the brain is being affected, the treatment will be different. This assessment will let you know what is really going on inside your child's brain. It will include suggested supplements or medications and allows you to decide which avenue you can choose to go down. Since medications and supplements do not heal the brain, this assessment will also provide you with a set protocols that will further develop the area(s) of the brain that are providing the issues.

2.    Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT): Brain Mapping: discover the areas of the brain that are underdeveloped and help with protocols that can target the areas that need healing.

3.    Psycho-educational (also known as PsychEd)

​There is usually a very long wait to get a PsycEd done, but at Soul Harmony Counselling we can usually schedule an appointment within a couple of weeks, instead of a couple of months.

4. Mental Health Testing

Therapies: All children are counselled with their parent(s) present.

1.    ​Therapeutic Farm Program:​One of our biggest draws is our Therapeutic Farm Program.  Using horses, chickens, goats, and our farm property our team has implemented a program that is tailor made for your child or adolescent using their IEP and teacher input. Program choices include: small animal care, gardening, hydroponics, 4H projects, CHA (Certified Horsemanship Program), equine vaulting, art therapy, AAT and EFP. This program helps children with their psycho-social development and is ideal for children who carry a wide variety of diagnoses.  Weekly programs help with emotional or learning issues, in addition to teaching vital life skills. Programs are affordable and range from a couple of hours per week to full day. Please call to see if this program is a good fit for your child. Funding may be arranged through a number of sources.  Please check out the link in the bar above for more information.

2.   Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). DDP is an attachment-focused evidence-based therapy for complex trauma, reactive attachment issues (RAD), and other issues with the Six Core Strengths.

3.   Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy explores why behavior is occurring. Therapy provides practical solutions within a Godly environment.

4.   Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP). EFP uses horses; an excellent therapy for DCD and all types of ADD.

5.   Art Therapy and Horse Camps. Fun interactive group work: ages 8-12.

6.   Developmental Vaulting Program. Using horses in an equine vaulting program: an excellent therapy for DCD and all types of ADD.

7.   Intensives. Intensives bring the whole family to Soul Harmony Ranch in order to do five days of intensive work with staff and the wonderful Curly Horses.


1.   Interactive Online Parenting Course: Restorative Parenting Course starting in October 2017. Eight week course teaching parents how to build resilience to stress and effective re-direction techniques, with a focus on turning the hearts of the parents toward the children and the hearts of the children toward the parents.

2.   Internships. Parents, counsellors, social workers, youth workers and high school students can volunteer at the ranch.

Soul Harmony Counselling can attain funding through your DSL schools, MCFD, insurance and private funds. Please call (250-808-2834) or email ( for a free consultation or an initial assessment.