Equine Youth Worker: Rianna Smid

Rianna is an amazing horsey-lady who loves working with children and youth.  She has experience with horses and is planning a career as an equine facilitator.  She is welcomed addition to the program. She has a heart for struggling children.  She always has a kind word for everyone. She is a hard worker that is greatly appreciated at the ranch.She is pictured here with her horse.   


Youth Worker: Jay Howell

Mr. Jay, as he is known to the children, is a wonderful youth worker who has a natural way with children. He always has a smile and a funny story for everyone. Sometimes it is difficult to get serious work done, because Mr. Jay keeps us in stitches. Many of the children we work with need this lighter side of life and therefore Mr. Jay is a God-send. We all love having him part of our team. 


Our Equine Therapist (pictures coming soon)

Our program would not be complete without our equine therapists.  Rinnah, Gabora, Ataya and Bijou each have their own personalities that they bring to the program. 

Rinnah is a pony, but makes up for it in her spunk. She was overused for performance and now tends to have an aversion and distrust if she feels she in cared for. Many of our youth identify with her. She shows them that they can trust certain people even when you have not cared for by others. She is a bay in color and enjoys attention from children the most. 

Bijou, as his name implies, is a  little jewel mini Curly gelding. He stands about 11hh, but thinks he is a horse. He is a beautiful silver dapple with a flaxen mane. He is very curious of children and loves to give kisses. He will continue to present her nose to be "kissed" until he is given a big kiss and then usually comes back for more.  

Junior Leader: Elle Sherwood


Elle is Marie's nineteen year old daughter who chose to help with programming. She especially likes to work with younger girls in trying to encourage them to see the beauty inside of themselves. She has a heart to help hurting children and youth and brings her own special expertise to the program. 

Senior Leader: Katelyn Hart

Tasks are distributed by Katelyn, who has a knack for keeping things going. She has an organizational gift that everyone appreciates, even when she is doling out chores. Being in her early twenties, Katelyn brings her youth and viewpoint that helps youth feel more as ease. She is a valuable addition to the team. 


Consultant: Cheryl Senechal

Cheryl has a contagious laugh that lights up a room. She has a heart for families that are hurting. Her and her husband Dwaine pastor a church that run a number of ministries that reach out to hurting people. Cheryl has given of her time in the area of organizational ideas and planning. We value her input and feel blessed to have her as part of our team. 


Director: Marie Filion, MSc

Marie Filion (affectionately known as "Miss Marie") has a Master of Science in Psychology and has been working with challenging children for over twenty years. She added horses to her practice in 2007. As a teenager she found her horse helped her get through a lot of the difficult times that came with being raise in a single-parent family. She now uses the struggles of her childhood to connect with children and youth who have suffered from trauma or who are struggling with their peers. 

Marie is certified by Dr. Bruce Perry of Child Trauma Academy in order to complete NMT (Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics) Assessments. These assessments provide a map of brain, so that clinicians can choose which therapies a child is ready for. So often it is not that a type of therapy is wrong or ineffective, it is that it is done at the wrong time for that child with that brain. Putting the therapies in order, so the brain can fully develop is a big key in healing. 

Marie has also studied with Dr. Daniel Hughes in learning Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. DDP combines play therapy, empathy, child-centered parenting and psychotherapy in order to help a child work through some of the reasons for their behavior. DDP has helped many children make sense of their trauma and allow them to connect with their parent(s). 


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